If you’re thinking of selling a gun or having it valued for estate planning, I have access to volumes of comparative data and other professionals in the business to assure that we are comparing an apple to an apple when evaluating what that gun is worth. I can also advise you with respect to proper storage and the scope of repairs you should consider undertaking on any particular firearm—to maintain its value.

CCW Gun Certification
If you are planning to carry a concealed weapon in California there are some very strict standards that have to be met for all firearms. I can certify the safe working order and that the firearm you intend to carry has met original equipment manufacturer’s standards (OEM).

Licensed Federal Firearms Dealer
I can ship to or receive from any other licensed FFL dealer in the United States.

Free Estimate
I offer a free estimate on all repairs and upgrades before commencing any work.

Fast Cycle Time
To the extent to which it’s possible I move all work through the process as soon as I can. A 50% deposit is required on all custom work, with balance due upon delivery. Weapons left over 90 days with no prior arrangements made for doing so, will be sold to cover costs!