Roman’s Pizza

Roman’s Pizza, situated on the W Capital Avenue on West Sacramento, CA, is a pizza specialty place that is currently only offering takeouts on the go and delivery due to Covid- 19 restrictions. However, on ordinary days, it’s a family-friendly place with outdoor seating. This local restaurant is open 7 days a week from 10 am to 10 pm. 
They offer all sorts of pizzas, starting from European, Greek, Hawaiian, to even Specialty pizza where you can choose the toppings with ranch and marinara on the side. This place even offers different salads, buffalo wings, bread sticks, and soda.

Roman’s Pizza on the West Sac location has good ratings for their food’s taste. The wide range of pizza items and toppings has provided the customers with the freedom to choose whatever they like. Half pepperoni and half Hawaiian pizza with jalapenos is a famous pizza for many customers for its mouth-watering taste. Their chicken wings, bread sticks, and white sauce, and garlic lover combo are customer favorites too. You can get a 2-liter free soda along with your large pizza order pickup! 

Roman’s Pizza offers delicious pizza at a budget-friendly price. Their pizza costs no more than $20 and comes in 3 sizes that are medium, large, and Xlarge. At this affordable price point, you can enjoy these pizzas when you don’t feel like cooking on your way back home from work.

Customer Service
This pizza joint has friendly customer service and makes the pizza within 20-25 minutes, as they promise. However, some customers have faced irregularities in maintaining Covid-19 guidelines, like not wearing a mask and late deliveries.

Overall, the West Sacramento branch of Roman’s Pizza is excellent in taste, versatile menu, and reasonable price. But it has average customer service. Go give them a try on your way back home!

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