Bob’s Seafood

8660 Olive Blvd

Saint Louis, MO 63132

The seafood choice in St. Louis in the late 1970s was somewhat lacking.
Bob Mepham saw a gap in the demand for fresh seafood in town and wanted to open an outdoor market in the Delmar Loop to fill it.
Bob went down to the Gulf of Mexico on a weekly basis to buy fish.
Each Wednesday, he’d leave St. Louis and return the next Saturday with a refrigerated truck loaded with new seafood to sell to supermarket and wholesale customers.
Bob and his wife operated a seafood stand called Bob’s Seafood “Market in the Loop” for almost ten years before incorporating in the early 1980s.
Bob’s Seafood Market has a selection of 42,000 pounds of seafood available daily. Customers can order anything from fresh crab legs and live clams, to lobster and seafood entrees, fried seafood and egg rolls.

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