Caramel Mudd Macchiato
A cafe latte blended with a thick stream of Caramel Mudd, smothered with whipped cream and yummy caramel drizzled on top.

Mocha Mudd
A café latte blended with mocha chocolate.

White Chocolate Latte
A café latte blended with creamy white chocolate, topped with fresh whipped cream.

Espresso, steamed milk with mountains and mountains of thick dense foam. A stronger coffee flavor than a latte.

Our thick, rich, intensely flavored espresso is second to none. We set the standard with the best crema known to mankind or womankind.

Our handcrafted oak wood roasted signature coffee with hot water. A stronger, made-by-the-cup coffee.

Coffee Americano
Mudd takes our beloved espresso and our signature coffee and gives you an eye opening, 5 am alarm clock wake-up call.


Great as an alternative. Milk frothed and coaxed to intensify the Muddslide gourmet flavor of your choice. Don’t forget the whip.

Hot Chocolate
This chocolate is made from our Mocha Mudd sauce. No powdered milk. This is the Real McCoy. Just chocoholic chocolate, milk, whipped cream and sprinkles.

Italian Cream Soda
A gourmet Muddslide flavor hand-stirred with club soda. Add a layer of fresh cream and never skimp on the whipped cream and sprinkles on top.

Muddster (kids 12 & under) (any drink kids size)

Caramel Apple Cider
Imagine crisp apples smothered in caramel and just a touch of spice to delight the kid in everyone.


Brewed Coffee
Genuine oakwood roasted. Handcrafted to perfection.

10 Cup Travel Box (Please allow up to a 15 min. wait)
coffee • hot chocolate • latte • chai latte

Frozen Drinks

Java Muddslide
Our frozen coffee granita, sweetened and mixed with milk. Add any flavor or combination of flavors for an extra special chilly coffee.

Mocha Rocha
This rocha will even top your mom’s homemade. She only makes it once a year.

Mocco Cocco Nutt
Chocoholic chocolate and dreamy creamy coconut, whipped cream, and toasted coconut sprinkles. A trip to the tropics.

White Chocolate
You will never want a milkshake again. This frozen white chocolate is made from the sweetest chocolate confections of cocoa butter, milk, and a hint of vanilla.

Cookies & Cream
Oreo™ cookie chunks mixed with our white chocolate granita, a dollop of whipped cream and drizzled with thick chocolate.

Strawberries & Cream
A delightful blend of strawberry and white chocolate.


A sweet and spicy favorite concoction of black tea, honey, vanilla bean and spices (aniseed, cardamon, cinnamon, clove and ginger).

Chai Latte
Our sweet, spicy tea. Made extra smooth, silky, and sensational by the addition of milk.

Brewed Tea
Our long leaf premium tea selection will refine your tea experience.
(Ginger Peach* • Earl Grey* • Japanese Green • Chamomile • Lemon • Peppermint Ginseng) *available in decaf

Muddslide Gourmet Flavors

Almond Caramel Mudd Javalua Pineapple
Amaretto Cherry Kiwi Pumpkin Pie
Apple Cinnamon Macadamia Nut Raspberry
Banana Coconut Toasted Marshmallow Root Beer
Blackberry Coffee Toffee Mocha Mudd Strawberry
Blueberry Creame de Menth Orange White Chocolate
Butter Rum French Vanilla Peach Wild Berry
Butterscotch Hazelnut Peanut Butter
Caramel Irish Cream Peppermint
Sugar-Free Flavors

Almond Hazelnut Mocha Mudd Rum
Caramel Irish Cream Peppermint English Toffee
Coconut Javalua Raspberry VanillaWhite Chocolate
Customize Your Drink

Whipped Cream • Muddslide Gourmet Flavor • Espresso X-tra Shot • Mountain Mudd White • Chocolate
SF Mocha Mudd • SF Chai • SF White Chocolate • Soy • Breve

*Lighter Options: Try non-fat milk, sugar-free flavors or hold the whipped cream.*